Apprenticeships with Samwell Tooling

Does the idea of a career in engineering excite you?
Would you rather get straight into your chosen career soon, rather than spend another 2 years at school?
Does the prospect of getting straight into learning real skills whilst earning a wage appeal to you?
If that sounds like you then an apprenticeship may well be the right path for you to take and Samwell Tooling does, occasionally, have vacancies for apprentices.


What are the Benefits of an Apprenticeship?

As an apprentice in a bona fide apprenticeship scheme you would be developing practical experience in your chosen discipline right from the start when you may be as young as 16 years old. You would be gaining a respected skill and several years of valuable working experience as well as earning as you train.

This can give you a head start over many university graduates, who don’t start earning until after they leave university: once they find a job that is! Remember, you won’t be starting out on your career in your twenties saddled with upwards of £30,000 worth of Student Loans to repay as soon as you earn above the threshold as those graduates will be.

Small wonder therefore that young people making those critical choices of route to further education and future career are increasingly considering apprenticeships as a serious option. Certainly, if you see engineering as the career path for you, an apprenticeship is an excellent route to follow.


Samwell Tooling’s excellent reputation for producing detailed, quality precision work is largely attributable to the skill level of its team of dedicated engineers. Ours is not a large workforce with a regular intake of apprentices, but from time to time we do take on a small number of apprentices. When we do, we look for young people who show an aptitude and enthusiasm for precision engineering: People who are keen to be trained as skilled tool and cutter grinders. Once you have those foundations, it’s up to you what you build on them as your career progresses.


Unlike in many other companies, as a Samwell Tooling apprentice you will be expected to work and train in a variety of different tasks within the workshop, thereby stretching and expanding your skills in all aspects of our profession. You will undergo attentive and quite intensive, training with regular one to one tuition. In that way we make sure you achieve your maximum potential.

The work our apprentices produce is real work for real customers, work on which we rely heavily in fulfilling our commitment to them. Our apprentices learn to take responsibility as soon as they are able. As a Samwell Tooling apprentice you will experience the satisfaction of finding that you are contributing in a very fulfilling and worthwhile way to the Company’s continued success.

By the end of the programme we expect our apprentices to be highly skilled, versatile craftsmen within the tool and cutter grinding field, and many are offered long term employment on its completion.

3 reasons why engineering would be a great career path

1. Employment prospects: You will develop specialist, transferable skills that are always in demand and the profession of engineering is one that is well respected worldwide. The skills learned while training as an engineer, such as problem solving, decision making, innovation, project management and team working, are good life-skills that not only are sought after by many employers but are of great value in life generally.

2. Financial Rewards: Engineering is a very lucrative industry and one which integrates with many other industries. Engineers are paid well above the national average. Remember too, an apprenticeship is a paid training programme which means you will be earning money right from day one.

3. Career satisfaction: Once you have trained as an engineer you will become part of an exciting, constantly developing industry. The skills you will have acquired will enable you to make a valuable contribution to the industry for which you will find you are well rewarded: Not only in financial terms but also in terms of satisfaction. Furthermore, as you progress and gain new skills and experiences, even long after your apprenticeship, you will never stop learning as technology continues to evolve.


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