‘Quality Cutting Tools Delivered Fast!’

Samwell Tooling is all about speed and precision; just like its customers in the manufacturing industry: Precision to produce exactly the quality of cutting tools you need for reliability and accuracy: Speed to get those tools to you in the shortest possible time. Samwell Tooling’s entire production strategy is built around the need to get the cutters you order today at work in your machines within days at most but within hours is not unknown!


State of the Art CNC Technology

The rapid advances in CNC technology in recent years has, expanded exponentially the range of bespoke carbide tooling that can be produced, not only in terms of the accuracy and complexity that can be achieved but also the speed of production. Samwell Tooling is proud to be at the cutting edge of this development. We maintain that leading position by constant investment in the latest developments in this technology. That is how we maintain the reputation for quality tooling and speedy delivery that we have gained over the years.


A Widespread Reputation

It’s over 30 years now since Samwell Tooling’s launch and our reputation has been building ever since. Originally just providing manufacturers and engineers in and around Poole with the precision cutters and other tools they needed for their machines, as time went by word got out into the wider world and our name became a byword for quality and reliability all over the UK and Europe. Many of our customers have been with us since from the outset. It was they who first spread the word and due to word-of-mouth recommendations alone we now have customers everywhere!


All of Your Cutter Grinding Needs

The name of Samwell Tooling is probably best known for the design and creation of bespoke carbide tooling: Just give us the spec and we’ll have the tools with you in a matter of days. However there’s even more to us than that! Use our regrinding service to keep your existing cutters working at peak performance too and maximise the value you get from them. Our customers have been enjoying the benefits of that service right from day one and it has gone from strength to strength ever since.


Stock Tooling

Alongside our bespoke tooling design and manufacturing service, Samwell Tooling can supply a comprehensive range of cutters and other tools in the more frequently used designs and sizes. Have a browse through the “New Tooling” page.
To discuss your requirements call us now on +44 (0)1202 687258 or email us on: sales@samwell.co.uk


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